COVID-19 Support

The Liba Fabrics Team extends our thoughts and prayers to all of our customers, vendors and business associates in this difficult time.

At this time, we are operating normally with most of our fabrics in stock. We will continue to offer normal shipments, but ask you to send orders sooner than later so we have additional time to process them.

We hope you and your family remain safe and healthy.

As the COVID-19 situation continues, Liba Fabrics is here is help with masks, materials for masks, Pipe and Drape room dividers and donations.

Poly-Cotton Masks for Sale!

  • Double Layered Black Poly-Cotton Broadcloth with Black Elastic
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Fast production - made to order
  • Not CDC or FDA Approved
  • Sold in 30 piece packs - $180 per pack

Supplies to Make your Own!

Polyester Poplin Dye Sub Mask

MJS Spun Mask

  • Polyester Poplin - Inside and outside layers.
  • Diverstretch (Scuba) - 100% polyester, with one-way mechanical stretch. Soft to touch for inside of masks and for balaclavas.
  • MJS Spun - 100% polyester, made to look and feel like cotton. Mainly for outside layer
  • Broadcloth - 65-35 OR 80-20 Poly-Cotton. Used for both inside and outside layers.

We have access to spacer fabric, 100% cotton options and bulk elastic

Masks From the Heart

When a group of 12 year old girls formed a non-profit and reached out for help, we didn't think twice! If you know of any local organizations that need our help, please reach out.

If you or anyone you know is in need of these materials, please call us at 212-563-4991 or reach out to Jacob Visoky -

Thank you and Stay Safe!